Valentine's Day Cheese & Chocolate Board

There's no better way to say "I love you" than with a beautiful charcuterie board full of local cheese & chocolates!

This custom board was made for us by @Beckywiththegoodboards with lots of Rooted goodies!

What is included:

-Di Bruno Brother's Pre-cut Brie Wedge

-Di Bruno Brother's Gruyere Cheese

-Chesapeake Gold White Wash Cheddar

-Chesapeake Gold Peppercorn Cheddar

-Di Bruno Brother's Port Wine Cheese Spread

-Weaver Nut Co. Milk Chocolate Gems

-Truffles by Robin's Cakes & Candies

-Di Bruno Brother's Olive Oil Crostini 

-Di Bruno Brother's Strawberry & Prosecco Jam

-Di Bruno Brother's Sexy Olive Mix 

- Di Bruno Brother's Mini Pepperoni

-Terrapin Ridge Everything Crackers

Other Recommendations:

-Terrapin Ridge Champagne Garlic Mustard

-Double Spiral Chocolates (Raspberry or Crispy Quinoa recommended with cheese)

-Emma's Popcorn (Special Dark recommended)

-Terrapin Ridge Raspberry Honey Mustard

-Eat This Yum Local Cranberry Compote

-Chocolove (Chilles & Cherries, Cherries & Almonds or Dark Chocolate Bar)



**Assemble on a large cutting board or platter. 

**Don't forget to add fresh, colorful fruits!


If you need a big, beautiful charcuterie board for an event, reach out to Becky for a custom board for your occasion!