Featured Artist: Jenny Wood

From Local Clay to Global Fame

Do you count the tristate area as global? Because Jenny Wood's Art is taking it by storm! Whether it is the ceramic aficionados or tea enthusiasts of the land, people are adoring Jenny's deep handcrafted mugs. Featuring carefully molded medallions on a speckled glaze, each mug is a one of a kind piece of art. Landenberg Life Magazine caught wind of Jenny's beautiful designs. Check out her feature on page 52 in the Spring/Summer 2024 Edition

Jenny's Butterfly Mug

Kaleidoscope of Creations

Shining her capabilities every which way, Jenny is versatile with her creativity as a potter. She throws anything from vases, mugs, and wall pockets to forming serving trays, plates, and bowls. Each piece is a canvas for her seamless blend of techniques. Some creations feature jewel-toned glazes, meticulously applied to create a multidimensional drip design, while others are adorned with intricate medallions or etched patterns. Jenny's repertoire extends beyond traditional pottery as she fearlessly paints portraits upon her pieces. This infuses her art with a contemporary twist while honoring age-old techniques. Her work is a testament to her mastery of the craft and her unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


Jenny's Gnome Mug

Mugs & More

We are delighted to carry pieces from this ceramic celebrity! Shop Jenny's beautiful work in store and online. Pick your favorite mug to savor your morning coffee and give a touch of beauty in your daily routine. Jenny Wood's Art adds a special touch to every sip.